Jan 1 – Using up the Christmas ham bone

We had our Christmas dinner late, with a bunch of friends. On Saturday I cooked a huge ham and fed 14 people, and then looked for something wonderful to do with the ham bone. I came across the recipe linked below, which seemed the perfect dish to make to take to my friend’s New Years Day dinner. And it was. It was a perfect accompaniment to the pork roast that was made. If I was going to serve it as a meal, I would throw in some of the left-over ham chunks and make some crusty bread.

For once, I followed the recipe as written!  And I forgot to take my own picture, so this picture is from the original recipe site…




New Year, new resolution

I’ve never been a big resolution maker, but this year I have enlisted my husband’s help to make (and keep) a resolution to eat healthier. Towards that end, I am making plans to cook more at home and focus on cooking healthy, minimally processed foods. One of my motivations will be posting here with pictures and recipes (or links to recipes).  Y’all can help by yelling at me if I don’t keep up with the postings! I also love suggestions about healthy things to try.

I should also add that while we both are willing to try just about anything once, my husband and I can be a little picky about the things we like which will make finding recipes that are healthy and good that much more challenging. In general, to accommodate my tastes or my husband’s, I avoid:

  • egg based dishes
  • beans/peas
  • salmon
  • creamy soups
  • cooked fruit

So…stay tuned for the excitement of home cooking!